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Kathy Murphy

Kathy Murphy has been involved in quality management practices, strategic planning and change management for over 25 years.  With an MBA in Organizational Development, Kathy has led change in many contexts, from improving brand value and differentiating organizations based on focussed value propositions, to improving client services and standards.  Realizing the importance of aligning values and missions with like minded stakeholders, leveraging opportunities, ideas and shared capacity has been the key to Kathy’s success in improving performance.

As a certified trainer/facilitator, Kathy also completed the requirements for certification with the Certified Management Consultants of Canada. Kathy has worked in implementing and communicating change management initiatives to ensure smooth and successful transition.

Beginning her career in Tourism, Kathy managed the Visitors Services Division of the City of Halifax Tourism Offices.  She eventually took on responsibilities in media relations and wrote extensively on exceptional customer service, entrepreneurship, work life balance, and human resources management.  Most recently Kathy served Executive Director of the United Way Hastings and Prince Edward, increasing awareness of the value of United Way’s local community impact, while improving operations, media profile, and donor engagement.  Formerly, CEO of the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development, supporting community economic and social development initiatives within the Atlantic Canada Region.  Other areas of interest include, youth development, inclusion and equity, human rights, and developing economies.  Kathy has also studied adult learning and training, curriculum design, change management among other areas of interest.

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Randy Murphy

Randy Murphy has an impressive career which began 20 years ago with the Canadian Armed Forces in the Naval Combat Systems Engineering Division.  While in the Navy he spent 10 years travelling internationally, and honing his technical skills at the Naval Engineering School in Halifax, NS and he also received the C.F. Peacekeeping Medal and the C.F. Special Service Medal.  After 10 years of successful service and extensive traveling, Randy quickly moved on to his Commerce studies at St. Mary’s University majoring in Human Resource Management and also completed the MBA program with a concentration in Marketing.  He is an experienced leader that has held progressive managerial positions with fortune 500, multinational, and publicly traded companies.   His strong business acumen and entrepreneurial instincts have given him the insight on how to evaluate, successfully set strategy and fine tune the entire value chain.  The results; a strong value proposition for key customers, stakeholders and profitable growth in the Distribution, Manufacturing and Industrial sectors. Randy also has professional certifications as a Human Resource Professional, Engineering Technologist and as a Certified Sales Professional.


Randy Murphy, MBA, CHRP, CET, CSP

What We Do

White Lotus Consulting Group provides objective, practical, tailored solutions for organization’s which are undergoing change. This may involve developing strategies for growth and improvement or creating competitive advantage for your business.  Our specialty areas involve strategic planning, human resource management, client service and satisfaction initiatives, and change management solutions (assessing change readiness, presenting strategies, supporting transition, and change reinforcement).  With over 25 years of direct experience in change management and organizational development, White Lotus Group offers careful planning, accurate diagnosis of issues, and proactive solutions based on internationally recognized processes and techniques (CMC).  Contact us today for a free consultation.


With a wide range of affiliates, White Lotus Consulting Group collaborates with many experts in the field through its affiliations, such as (CMC) Certified Management Consultants (ON).    We also have extensive affiliates across the Maritime Provinces and throughout Ontario.  Our partners have expertise in all aspects of management consulting including IT, Finance, Human Resource Management, Strategy Development, and Change Management.  We see partnering and collaboration as part of our DNA, and we tailor creative solutions to your organizational needs through a blend of unique solutions, from our expanded team.

White Lotus – A Powerful Symbol of Resilience

There are many eastern interpretations for the white lotus flower.  A white lotus grows from the mud and murkiness, into a beautiful bloom rising above the water’s surface.  Some say it means purification, and others surmise its meaning to be one of “getting above it all” as in getting out of the mud, growing and gaining  self awareness – personally and or professionally.  In the spirituality of Buddhism, a white lotus is seen as a sign of good fortune, and pure intentions.

White Lotus Consulting Group recognizes that as humans, we face many challenges in our frenetic, fast driven and ever changing work and personal lives.  White Lotus Group strives to  grow and develop great leaders – who  facilitate positive change management, building great teams, in the interest of  clients, employees, and for the betterment of their communities.  If you’ve ever worked under poor leadership, you will recognize the frustration, stress, and poor conditions for ones health and well being that results. In contrast, great leaders, show great results for their people, company, and the community at large.

White Lotus Consulting group supports your success through knowledge transfer and adult learning practices, along with 20 plus years of successful senior leadership development.  We know how to build teams, develop performance management systems, and achieve great results.  An effective  leaders sets great examples and provides environments where people will flourish and we will help you get there.  This is a challenging, but achievable goal, and White Lotus Group has the years of experience, formal training and the tools to help your organization and its people blossom – getting your head above water – such as is the case with the lotus flower, growing towards the sky.

 White Lotus Consulting Group combines decades of experience in the area of Organizational Development, Effective Change Management, Strategic Human Resource Management, and the implementation of Client Focused Standards and measures.